and plz excuse my ugly 15 yr old self omfg

Because every time I see him, he always encourages me to go out there and just give it my all. He always asks me what I’m up to, if I’m an artist yet and all this really nice stuff. I make sure to make him a birthday gift every time I go to SDCC since he birthday falls close to it and he always remembers and comments on how much I’ve improved.

When I first started reading Serenity Rose, it was back before there was a physical copy published by SLG and it was a full color webcomic on his site (it still is, but this was way back when!). I remember being in awe of how his work as all in pencil and really just stylized and whatnot… but the real kicker came from one page where he spilled coffee all over it. Honestly, it was just that tan color, just soaked into the paper, you could tell. And all he did was write something like, “whoops spilled coffee!” off in the corner. And I was just really amused by it because no one ever told me you didn’t have to be rigid and perfect and clean when it came to comic books!!

Sometimes I forget this… But I think looking back on it, it really makes me feel a lot better.

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